Apollo Intensa Emozione


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Features :
-HQ Ext. & Int.
-Tuning Options
-Highly Detailed Dashboard Cluster [Display Turns on only when Vehicle is started]
-Rotating Intercooler Fans [Apply Grille Mod]
-Hazard Light System [Tap E/Horn key for hazard, Hold it for horn sound]
-Traffic clears path when Hazard On
-Toggleable Seat Lighting [Headlight Key]
-Enjoyable and Responsive Handling
-Correct Door Opening/Closing animation
-Carbon Liveries are available as Benny’s option, Use a trainer or Benny script mod

Paint Distribution:
-Primary color – Body
-Secondary color – wheel parts, suspension, interior parts
-Stock rims can be painted.
-Trim color – Interior seats, seat light, Calipers
-Dash color – Dashboard Cluster