Food Contamination Led to City Wide Quarantine.


After many months, the city wide quarantine in Bay City has finally come to an end. As many of you may remember when reading my past articles pertaining to food. We were on the brink of uncovering a major coverup by our former mayor and the government officials at the time. We have the details on what caused the quarantine and some reassurances from our new Mayor on what we will be doing to stop any further quarantines.

The Quarantine started with our hospital, as most horrible virus’s do. We covered an article last year about hotdogs being sold our of Pill Box and how it was effecting local business’s. But it went so much deeper than that. As it turns out, an unnamed doctor had made a deal with our former mayor to cut back on costs on the meat used for the hotdogs. Now you may be asking yourself what kind of deal was made?
Human Flesh from the bodies of dead Bay City citizens was used to fill the hot dogs being served at Pillbox Hospital. Normally the consumption of human flesh in common in many cultures, other than being taboo it is considered by most professionals to be no worse than eating any other omnivore. But this doctor wasn’t just filling the glizzies with any old regular meat. On top of Human organs, The doctor was filling them with Human Brains. Our former mayor was paid off to turn a blind eye to this. This reporter had a sneaking suspicion something more was going on but the story was quickly dropped by our former chief editor.

With the consumption of human flesh (especially human brains) reaching an all time high in Bay City, Mad Cow disease or (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) was spreading at an alarming rate. Citizens of Bay City forgetting who they were, attacking friends and foe alike. Mayhem was running rampant through the streets of Bay, even spreading all the way to Paleto Bay. With the destruction of our once great city came the private investigation into what caused it. Eventually leading back to Pillbox and our former mayor. This is the first time this information is being made public.

With the Quarantine came many changes, buildings being rebuilt after their destruction, the relocation of many farms and job sites. One thing that hadn’t changed since the mayhem was the people who were left, the heart of Bay City. A new hope had been installed here, a new life for many returning and new citizens. With that comes skeptism. What is our government doing to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again? These are the questions we need answered.

With that being said, We look forward to a bright future in Bay City. One without crazy people trying to kill their loved ones, one without corrupt officials destroying the city from the inside. We hope for a city filled with jobs for all. Filled with compassion for its citizens, and filled with citizens that have compassion for each other. This reporter looks forward to the future of Bay City.