Is hotdog theft at Pillbox killing small business?

Is hotdog theft at Pillbox killing small business?


People love hotdogs, They love them at all times of the day, but is the craving for a long thick stick of meat in the mouth killing small restaurants?

Pillbox medical has a long standing history of feeding it’s staff with delicious hotdogs. Nancy works hard making these meat sticks for them day in and day out. EMS and Doctoring is a hard job, and the workers get hungry. They have even made it financially easy for the EMS workers to get these hotdogs. For $125 the hard working medical staff can fill their hunger, get back to work quickly saving lives.

With the economy changing due to a number of factors, food prices at some restaurants have had to gone up to stop them from going into the negative. This would be fine but with word spreading on the price of Hotdogs, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to break into the back of Pillbox and steal the EMS’s food. Satisfying their urge for wieners for a small price. We watched as dozens of people went in and out of the back of Pillbox. Stuffing their pockets and faces full of the food meant for Emergency Service Workers.

Now you make ask, how does a few stolen dogs equate to the collapse of restaurants. Well to that we ask, Why pay for a steak and wine meal for $800 when you can pay for a hotdog for $125? The people doing this don’t care about taste or flavor, they care about filling their stomachs for the cheapest price they can. Why go down to a Wing Stop or The Pearl when you can break into the back of the Pillbox. Some of these people make dozens of trips there regardless in a day.

At the same time can we blame people who are struggling so hard for money that they have to resort to stealing from the staff at Pillbox? Maybe some individuals have a hard time finding work? Or their bills are too much. Is the blame for this grand larceny of wieners really on the hands of Bay Cities poorest citizens?

The Glizzy Theft of 2022 is an ongoing pandemic infecting the people of Bay City? What could stop it from happening? What is a solution to this issue? We asked some individuals around the city about the situation.

Chef Justin Bash was one of the first we reached out to being that he is the owner of The Pearl, he had this to say:

“I mean guess its true, everyone loves meat in tube form. But I’ve never had an interest in owning a Weenie Hut Jr., so I’d say it’s not too big of a concern to me. The people will see the side effects of eating those things. The real question is, theft from Pillbox?”

We asked Mr.Bash if he had a answer to this problem, he gave us an answer.

“To help stop this madness of frankfurter theft, someone, won’t be me, should open up a Weenie Hut General or Jr. Give the people somewhere they can be glizzy gladiators together.”

A new citizen to the city Busch DunDee had his own possible solution to this crisis to feed the people poor enough to steal from hospital staff.

“Well If they are doing it because the are hungry I would set up free clinic line and anyone who comes in that gets a check up would get free food.”

A very noble suggestion from one of Bay Cities newest citizens.

We got in touch with the Medical Directer Jay Jackson at Pillbox as well on why they think this started, How it is effecting themselves and the staff and a solution to this great tragedy.

“This glizzy grabber or frank finesser as the people of Los Santos have been calling him is a nuisance to our health care program. Pillbox Medical Hospital has a cafeteria and lunch room where we have plenty of healthy options for food. Our dietitians, therapists, medical staff, and doctors use it for personal use and also to help patients with fixing their diets, starvation, or malnutrition. Every month 100,000 World Known Pillbox Medical Hotdogs are cooked by Nurse Nancy. The hotdog is a work of art it fills patients up instantly and is as delicious as can be. Every Tuesday when I come in to open the hospital the glass to the lunch room is broken and all the hotdogs are gone. A lot of our staff and patients live by these hotdogs so having to tell people we are out is heart breaking. Over the past 2-3 weeks 78 people have starved to death on the streets of Los Santos due to the lack of Hotdogs. It is even worse now that Chihuahua Hotdogs isn’t open anymore. It’s horrifying to know that this glizzy fiend is threatening the lives of so many. “

When asked for a solution Jay said this:

“I would be willing to share the solution that we have come up with but I don’t want to give out the cards in our hands to this monster. As of right now Pillbox Medical hospital is paying 3 ex-green berets to protect the stash of hotdogs still remaining inside of pillbox they are armed and will be doing surveillance 24/7. We as a community will find this monster and make sure the people are fed the hotdogs they need. SASP and LSPD are also working together to investigate it last Tuesday they think they found DNA evidence they just have to link it to the criminal scumbag stealing the hotdogs.”

Green berets, Police DNA tests, a possible romance between a certain Chef and Nurse Nancy? This may be one of the strangest stories this reporter has ever encountered in Bay City. Is it one person or a number of people stealing these hot dogs? Will the police ever find the true culprit or culprits? I leave the answers to these questions to you Bay City.

Article by Ron Goldman, Weazel News