Patch 3.06. Bug Fixes, Improvement, Robberies Buff, Armor!


Hello everyone! Here is the next patch update! Please let us know if anything is not working the way it should and give feedback on how you think the payouts are! Even when its more then it should be. ( I’m Talking to you fishers out there 😠) We also have not forgotten about some missing vehicles for donors and factions! We will be working swiftly to get those taken care of! 💜 Here’s the run down!

– Move Drugs message down a bit on screen so its not as intrusive.
– Fixed more issues of flashing text at drug locations
– Fixed Issue with drug spots not taking secondary item when processing (ex. baggy, etc.)
– Fixed cop calling function for SSDrugs, It now updates position of seller properly like before
– Fixed bug with saying “no one is available” when selling drugs
– Fixed configuration issue that allowed selling of 5 packages all down to 3 for every drug.

– Fixed dice roll. You can now use /dice 2 to roll 2 dice. You can roll 1 2 or 3. 🎲
– Rock Paper Scissors functionality enabled. Type /rps to play! ( Randomly selects for you)

– Fixed issue with donation money telling incorrect amounts but giving the correct amount

– Body armor is now craftable! Check discord under Information tab to get new crafting links
– Armor plates to make Body Armor added to black market
– Armor now saves on relog. Please allow 10-15 seconds for your armor to sync with the server before logging out after putting on armor.
– Adding missing images for Armor, Various robbable items

Since its a good idea to take your friends with you to rob a bank, having more of a payout is worth it for the crew! Plan some amazing heists with the new buff of robberies!

– Fixed issue with Pacific Standard Bank doors not able to be thermited (If the door hashes change again it could break, if that’s the case please report it, and we will remove the Pacific Standard retexture)
– Increased price of Gold Bar from $12,500 Dirty to $46,500 Dirty
– Increased price of Gold Watches from $7,000 Dirty to $27,000 Dirty
– Increased price of Gold Necklaces from $7,500 Dirty to $32,500 Dirty
– Increased time to hack into yacht vault from 95 Seconds to 130 Seconds
– Increased chance of getting gold bars from yacht heist from 1-3 to 2-6
– Decreased chance of getting gold watches from yacht heist from 15-20 to 9-15
– Range increase chance of getting Gold Necklaces from yacht heist from 10-14 to 9 – 20
– Increased chance of getting diamonds from yacht heist from 1-2 to 1-4

– Store robbery payouts increase from $5,000 – $25,000 to $15,000 to $30,000 in Blane County
– Store robbery payouts increase from $5,000 – $25,000 to $20,000 to $40,000 in Los Santos
– Life invader robbery payout increase from $90,000-$180,000 to $150,000-$275,000

– Decreased payout of fish from $3750- $4500 to $1500 to $1800 per 5 Fish
– Increased payout of sharks from $1800 – $2050 to $2650- $2800 per shark dirty
– Increased payout of turtles from $1650 – $1800 to $2950- $3200 per Turtle dirty