Bug Fixes Patch 3.04


– Added new clothing items for male and female
– Some female clothing items are under t-shirt, and some may require invisible pants to wear
– Female clothing arms options can now go up to 30. Check arms 0-30 to see what fits
– Added security systems to be installed to cars. Mechanics can install them. These helps prevent vehicle theft.
– Fixed exploit where people stealing cars with Car Jacking Kits (Used to be called Burglary tools) would glitch out of animation stealing the car. It now forces you to stay in your spot and do animation.
– Fixed issue with crafted weapons not allowing weapons to be loaded with ammo
– Added proper radio channels for emergency services
All police fines reduced by 80%
– Updated proper notifications for police.
– Tow trucks can now be spawned at the two mechanic shops
– Added Warehouses to Real Estate, 3 new apartment types, a new classic house type for medium and higher homes.
– Over 200 new furniture items added. Prices adjusted.
– Real estate office will be opening this week
– Added Real Estate, Royal Autos, Ambitions and Autobros under Jobs on phone
– Weapon shops opened up all over map + requirement to buy weapons license
– Added various weapons to weapons shop
– Added Ammo system
– Added some missing Inventory photos
– Forklift job now has a ranking system to level up and get more pay
– Aircraft shop has been enabled.
– Various vehicle updates