Bug Fixes Patch 3.03


– Added clothing shops back for certain factions and made faction ones not appear on map
– Added poolcleaning job back
– Added Job whitelisting to select whitelisted jobs from job center (make ticket while in city to get whitelisted)
– Significantly Buffed Drug prices across the board
– Significantly Buffed job payouts of all Jobs
– Re enabled chicken job (You now sell 1 chicken at a time)
– Significantly Reduced weights on all food and drink items
– All vehicle tuning upgrades can now be purchased at the respective mechanic shop where the employee works.
– No more need for middle man to purchase any upgrades
– x2 the price of nos
– Shops now take cash instead of bank to combat people being in debt
– Hospitalize now shows people being sent to hospital
– Fixed various police car spawners in misc. locations
– Fixed various blips showing up when not needed + repair to missing car return to police job
– Added shop to prison with “some food” also to various whitelisted job locations
– Various vehicle handling line fixes + the re addition of missing cars
– Rebalanced amounts of hunger and thirst from eating/drinking certain items