Bug Fixes Patch 3.02


-Slight buff to police handling
-Minor edit to PMA voice to fix various issues (Still addressing issue with talking to players inside buildings)
-Added back custom weapon models for various weapons
-Fixed Plasma tag anticheat issue. Plasma tag works now
-Attempted fix for Plasma Tag weapons showing alert for police
-Fixed PlasmaTag Outfits for males
-Enabled Chickenjob. Fixed anticheat issue with chicken job and taxi job
-Various Anticheat Adjustments
-Slight decrease to pay of trucking job, Added more contracts to spawn
-Changed Keybinds of trucking job to Left Bracket [
-Allowed max distance of low rank truckers to max to allow more contracts to be used
-Fixed major bug of random cars (Especially Trucking job trucks) randomly turning off
-Police Respond to call changed to ]
-Add K9 Vehicles to Officer Rank
-Added some missing item pictures (Will fix/add more soon)
-Buff to Goldbar and Goldwatch prices
-Edits to various police department skins
-Added notification for ambulancejob. It will now automatically ping ems when you are down
-Removed Cross hair
-Unable to spam jump
-Removed head shots
-Removed AI Ambulances and Firetrucks spawning
-AI gang members no longer attack players when aggravated
-Added all motorbikes to /stunt feature
-Slightly increased pay of Lumberjack
-Manufacturing job reduced pay.
Please note that the manufacturing job is intended for players to farm material and sell to mechanic shops. Selling the material to an NPC will need to pay even lower then if you sell to a mechanic shop. Adjustments were made to accommodate this.