Fixes, New Clothing, New Locations


Hello everyone! It has been a rough ride this past month! But we are glad to announce that the current patch is out of beta for a full release! Unfortunately, a part of this patch was released on the 1st of June due to technical difficulties. Afterword, numerous setbacks occurred in which it was difficult at the time to continue development on the server. However, things are looking up now and we are happy to be able to continue to development of the server!

Lots of suggestions get posted in suggestions-chat and fret not, we are listening to everyone’s feedback and actively discussing and planning on massive gameplay changes in the future! One hot topic being discussed is the speed of vehicles. We want the community to know that we whole heartily agree that vehicle speeds need a rework. However, with the amount of cars on our server and the time needed to research to test a new feel for vehicles will take time. We want to be sure that we deliver quality, balance and of course enjoyment to these new vehicle handlings. Another topic is weapon damage. Weapon damage is a little bit more of a sensitive topic as we here in BayCity are striving for a serious RP environment. We would like for the community to FearRP and refrain from resorting to gun violence when faced with a situation when inconvenienced. The current weapon damage is set to accommodate that. While talks of changing that in future are in play, we want to first make sure that the community is ready and have the RP on our server be even stronger then it is right now!

Remember to never to hesitate to leave feedback. We love hearing from the community and want to ensure that BayCity is a place that everyone can enjoy! Here is the breakdown of the patch in which the first half was released on the first, and the 2nd half today!

Ambitions Automotive remodel is complete!

Full integration of the Magic Pussy Cat strip club!

New clothing for males and females, new hairstyles as well. Bug with some of the female clothing showing up as police uniforms has been fixed. Some of this new content will be mixed in between some of the older clothing once you are in the addon section (ex. Torso 348+) New police content added as well!

Optimization of various vehicles to help with performance.

Due to having a large amount of modded cars, some of these vehicle have very sensitive sweet spots such as the gas tank. Most cars do not have properly registered gas tanks, so you get no effect in shooting them. To balance this, we have adjusted damage to gas tanks. vehicles will now withstand 1-2 more shots to the gas tank. (This was to prevent some vehicles from getting totaled after being shot once in spots where the gas tank was being registered while others seemingly do not react to getting shot in the gas tank)

Adjusted speed of the pfister811 to be slightly in more accordance to the price paid for the car.

Adjusted damage modifier for bikes. Prior to this patch, motor bikes took 25% less damage then automobiles for the same type of collision. This is now been adjusted and is fair all around. (ex. Motor bikes now take the same damage as cars during collisions)

Moved most drug locations and money laundering. Good Luck.

Disabled the ability for NPC police cars to spawn in the city.

Disabled the ability to be able to obtain weapons from vehicles. All vehicle weapons rewards are disabled.

Disabled controller users from exploiting FiveM mechanics to enable assistive measures

Added Discord status when playing on BayCity

Fixed bug with DMV causing server kick.

BusDriving job will remain disabled for the time being. This is mainly due to the fact that this job spawns a lot peds and tanks server performance.

Added back missing barriers. Barriers have been revamped with a new look in various spots around town.

Adjusted markers of various points around the city to be more uniform. This includes ensuring vehicles are properly being spawned.

Added Marquis to boat dealer