Central Garage Removal, Removed Headshots, Lowered Weapon DMG and more!


Hello Everyone! New Patch info is below

Job center garage relocated near legion square.

Removed headshots. Reduced weapon damage. (This will be something that will be adjusted over the next few weeks until its perfect)

New addon clothing patch!
20+ new textures for sagging jeans for men (pants 94)

New shoes for males and females

New backpacks and bags under Bag

New tops and bottoms for both male and female (some female options under tshirt) added variations/designs to some existing slots

N-95 mask for male and female under mask

Watches for men, various accessories under decal and tshirt

Do-Rag added (decal 44) (move to a diff clothing option to see on head)

Hanging bandana added under tshirt

New chains under chain

New medical clothing!

Removed Safezone at central garage

New Anticheat + Ammo caps

/dance added

Write in chat: /dance [male|female] (This means you have to write “male” or “female” after /dance to choose the gender dancing)

Numpad 4 and 7: controls the styles
Numpad 5 and 8: controls the intensity
Numpad 9 and 6: controls the Number version
Numpad + and – : controls the version of the same dance

To stop dancing just press “X” (info also in = menu)

Weapons license is now 500k and required when purchasing a weapon

New cellphone shop near MRPD

Various interiors and cars disabled to improve performance

Added teleporters to morgue/pillbox (leave at the front if stuck in morgue)

Improvements to police spike strips