New Addon Clothing, New Police Station, Lower Hospital and more!


Hello Everyone! New Patch info is below

New addon clothing patch! ~90% of all new clothing (and old) will be near the end of the last section you are in (Highest numbers.) Keep in mind that after the numbers keep going and theres no content, you have reached the end.
Please give time for all the new content to stream and download, It will take time. Clothing will be invisible or not load the other colors/variations until the content is downloaded. A broken green texture means you have reached the end of the variations for that slot.

80+ New hairstyles for male and female

Addition of all new DLC clothing. Everything until the MPSUM patch.

Restored almost all vanilla clothing/hair that was previously replaced with addon clothing/hair

New uniforms for the police department

Old female body mod has been mostly removed with a few expectations. And replaced with one that focuses more on the strip club environment. Do not abuse any of this new content or you will face heavy repercussions. Realism is key. Arms 21+ will be adapted to the new body mod while 15 remains for the old one for the few items in the addon section. More content maybe coming back later for the old body mod.

Hunting activity has been updated. You can now sell all the meats. + various other bug fixes for this activity

New Look to MRPD.

Pillbox hospital now has a lower section, garage and two new parking lots! EMS will now use the teleporter in the elevator area to access the new lower pillbox section.

Addition of Weasel News Faction + vehicles. Do not kidnap, harass or shoot at the news reporters. They fall under the same umbrella as EMS and you will face the same repercussions.

Fixed bug that would cause the F6 menu not to work upon being downed.

All variations of the Rumpo are facing engine problems. The vehicle is very slow now and struggles to keep up with the demands that civilians want from it.
We suggest heading to the dealership. And Picking up a Mercedes Sprinter!
The best or nothing. Mercedes-Benz! Visit your Vinewood PDM Today!