Mr. And Mrs. Ferrari Wedding

Mr. And Mrs. Ferrari Wedding


We were joined with the marriage of Tory Ferrari and Amber Flnyla! The proposal was just as jaw dropping as the wedding ceremony itself! While the wedding was met with joy, warmth of close friends and the sound of distant gun shots from trying to keep the event safe, The proposal was just as astonishing.

It started when there was call for a bank robbery in front of Legion Square! Multiple officers including Troy and Amber were responding on scene. The individual inside had a hostage and was demanding safe passage! After negotiations continued for a while the suspect took off with cops engaging in a pursuit! The would be thief then crashed his vehicle near Celltowa Hotel and ran inside while Amber, Troy and a handful of other officers pursued him inside!

After a relentless search of the hotel, the would be thief was discovered on the seventh floor hotel room, greased up and naked with a tablet in his hand. The group of officers then proceeded cautiously to apprehend the would be thief. It was at that moment when it was discovered that on the tablet was photos of multiple officers that were on scene, some romantic, and some extremely questionable. As a detective, Amber Flnyla then proceeded to question the would be thief, concerned about his intentions while being greased up, naked and having so many photos about the officers that were on scene. While the she was questioning the thief, Troy emphasized on the photos of him and Amber and all of the wonderful times that they have had together. As Amber was raising her suspicions to why he would be doing this, Troy then got on one knee and proposed to Amber as the Greased up would be thief recited wonderful things in the process.

Amber at this point was shocked, confused and unsure. Rejecting the offer of the ring and marriage. She was in shock and disbelief that all of this was happening. Afterward, the ride back to the police department was awkward and silent with the greased up would be thief making snarky comments along the way. Amber exclaimed back at the department, with multiple officers and the greased up thief near by, that she was still in disbelief but had confirmed her love for Troy. Now with her realizing what happen, calming down and processing what happen, she then accepted the vow of marriage to Troy after he proposed a 2nd time and a small celebration was then ensured at the Mission Row Police Department’s parking lot!

We hope for an everlasting marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Ferrari. They will continue to serve and protect the State of San Andreas while their love for one another holds them closely! What we can all learn from this is that the unexpected can still happen at any moment! And when it does, its important to really understand the gravity of the situation! May love hold us all together!

Article by Brian Kornacki
Weasel News