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Default Weapon Damage, Blackout Autocare and quality of life fixes Hot

New Blackout AutoCare customs at Postal code 961! Default weapon damage is currently active, Headshots still disabled No longer able to spam jump while running EMS can no longer enter homes unless they are high ranking Hid + Added clothing markers at places that are reserved for jobs Fixed bug...

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Fixes, New Clothing, New Locations

Hello everyone! It has been a rough ride this past month! But we are glad to announce that the current patch is out of beta for a full release! Unfortunately, a part of this patch was released on the 1st of June due to technical difficulties. Afterword, numerous setbacks occurred...

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New Mechanic Shops, Civilian Radios, Modified Melee Damage and more! Hot

New mechanic shops around town! Look for ads and take your new ride into a new shop! New Civilian radios! Go to your local digital den to pick on up today! All are required to have have a radio on them to use one!To use the radio, drag it to...

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Central Garage Removal, Removed Headshots, Lowered Weapon DMG and more!

Hello Everyone! New Patch info is below Job center garage relocated near legion square. Removed headshots. Reduced weapon damage. (This will be something that will be adjusted over the next few weeks until its perfect) New addon clothing patch! 20+ new textures for sagging jeans for men (pants 94) New...

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New Addon Clothing, New Police Station, Lower Hospital and more!

Hello Everyone! New Patch info is below New addon clothing patch! ~90% of all new clothing (and old) will be near the end of the last section you are in (Highest numbers.) Keep in mind that after the numbers keep going and theres no content, you have reached the end....

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